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Rising Tides Design

Rising Tides Design offers highly personalized website creation through direct customer interaction. Our specialty is media rich content to make your site as eye catching as possible!
Our intent is to build a beautiful site from the ground up, install and personalize a Wordpress theme or perform a total web site overhaul of your current product to improve your web presence and increase traffic!

Things I Like

Rising Tides Design for fishing websites will include custom media to make your site unique
Our appreciation for your business and the fishing industry make us stand out
Rising Tides Design produces mobile first designs for fishing webites with high quality images
Rising Tides Design specializes in responsive websites for fishermen and fishing guides
Wildfly Charters hosted trip produces a good sized Snook on Fly caught in Matlacha Pass Backcountry
Light Tackle and Fly Fishing Charters producing big Snook in the  Pine Island & Fort Myers area

Why Choose Rising Tides Design?

Rising Tides Design is run by me, Sam Peplinski, a freelance web designer and avid sportsman. I design and create websites and blog layouts including Wordpress designs for Small Businesses specializing in businesses focused on Creating Customer Relationships such as service based industries. I can cater your website to fit your needs and generate local traffic through SEO, Google business registrations and many more tools. My customers receive a quality product with large boosts to their web traffic, new higher quality web fronts and most importantly more traffic!

Close Customer Relationships

I am not your typical designer. I love to do what you do and that transpires into my media rich designs. I will work closely with with you to get your message across to customers. I want your website to help you succeed and I can give advice on how to make the most of your online presence! I know that your time is valuable, I want to do the hard work for you to keep your web presence up to date and increase traffic to your site, time on the water, and customers choosing you!

I Care About Your Product and Brand

As a fellow outdoor enthusiast and small business owner, I know the competition is fierce and your livelihood depends on a quality web front. I will perform SEO optimization in accordance to the latest search engine trends to increase your web traffic wherever possible.

Mobile First

Web traffic is going Mobile! My designs are all built to be proudly displayed on mobile devices to help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Don't be left behind in the Mobile trend! You might be surprised at how much traffic comes from mobile devices.

Media, Marketing, Maintenance


Heard a lot about SEO? Do you know if you are effectively using SEO techniques to drive traffic? Let Rising Tides Design work with you for your specific needs and target audiences to boost web traffic, sales, and conversions! I have been helping small businesses gain control of their online presence and increase organic rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Drive Traffic

To make each website unique and drive local traffic to your site, I can optimize web content for specific keyword phrases and verify business information across various platforms. I can help you move up the rankings and avoid being buried on the 3rd, 4th or 5th page of search results.


I know that your site will need maintenance and can provide help down the road, keeping your site online and error free.

Rates and Information

Totally Custom Websites It'll blow your mind.

My rates are very competitive for what I offer. All My custom webpages are built on responsive platforms for each individual customer. My services are designed to save you time!

Total Web Solutions Hosting, SEO, Maintenance

Since every customer's situation is unique, if needed, I can provide hosting options at affordable market rates. I can set up and offer different solutions to keep you on the web hands free. Let Rising Tides Design know how often you want to update your website and we can work out a long term maintenance solution!

Free Quotes Just Email Me!

Totally Hassle-Free information. Contact me for free advice or information on your future project and I can help you figure out what works best for you! I promise to return timely information and quotes!

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Please don't hesitate to send me any inquiries or visit my blog!